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Decade is a creative lab and innovative independent music label. Originally a platform to distribute music for Filligar, Decade has since grown into a multifaceted music company. While involved in the traditional aspects of the record business—focused on album sales and live touring—Decade has developed inventive growth strategies in the evolving media industry. Much of the growth has derived from Decade’s success licensing and creating original music to the world’s institutional brands, from NASCAR to Hersey’s Chocolate. But Decade has also grown as a creative lab that develops aesthetic landscapes not only for bands but companies as well.


[11.20] Check out the new video for Filligar's "White Light Rose".

[11.10] Have you seen the new Lebron commercial. Casey at Decade did the music.

[10.03] Filligar recorded "Good Lovin" for a Hershey's commercial.